What are people saying about "Toes Turn Purple"?


Garrett Gunderson

New York Times Bestselling Author of Killing Sacred Cows, Founder of Inc 500 firm.  

This book has changed the way I am raising my children. It teaches parents how to foster entrepreneurship, achievement, gratitude, and generosity--all in a captivating narrative that will entertain as well as educate.


Alan Hall

Chairman of MarketStar Corporation

The values taught in these short and engaging stories were captivating and informative. The perspectives offered from both the teen and his parents were powerful and insightful.  For any anxious mother and father, this extraordinary book will provide the reader with thoughtful guidelines for rearing confident, happy, and successful children



Rick Maw

Co-founder of ValuesParenting.com   

The Christiansen’s are an example of how supporting each other, teaching traditional values, and engaging in fun-adventurous activities together strengthens a family and encourages individual uniqueness.  This book is full of sound principles for all families.



Cathy L. Greenberg, PhD,

Wall Street Journal and NY Times Bestselling Author of Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus

This book not only gave me hope in the "fearless abilities" of Millennial's, but also made me realize there is still a teenager inside of me. I always say "I'm not my age, I'm my heartbeat".


Kat Loterzo,

Author, Speaker & Success Coach

If you're passionate about raising strong, independent and purpose-driven kids who win big in business and life then this book is a MUST! Our children will absolutely go in the direction we guide them, and this book provides a powerful insight into how to do exactly that!